How big is the park?

Belo Garden is about 1.7 acres … a lush, green urban oasis for Downtown Dallas residents, employees, visitors and students.

What types of amenities does Belo Garden offer park visitors?

The park has built-in seating for 152 people. Custom curved hardwood benches seat 60 at the Fountain Plaza and 30 along garden paths. Forty-six hardwood chairs and 11 tables are informally scattered throughout the Garden Grove providing an ideal venue for lunching, reading or relaxing. Four more benches offer seating for those wishing to sit along the edge of the park.

The hill between the Fountain Plaza and Main Street reaches nine feet, giving garden guests a sweeping view of the entire park, a perfect perch for parades on Main Street and natural amphitheater seating for fountain plaza events.

The curve of the water from the fountains in Belo Garden creates three separate leaves with an efficient water and energy design. The water emerges seamlessly from the paving of the Fountain Plaza, creating an urban oasis for visitors.

When does the fountain run?

On weekdays, the fountain is scheduled to run 7-9:30am, 11:30-1:30pm and 3:30-11pm. On weekends, it is scheduled to run from 9am-11pm. Wind velocity, however, can impact fountain operations. If the park’s wind sensor registers sustained winds of more than 15 mph, then the fountain will automatically shut off.

I’d like to rent Belo Garden for an event, who should I contact?

If you would like to rent Belo Garden for your event, please contact Juan Galvan with Downtown Dallas, Inc. at (214) 744-1270 or [email protected]

How is Belo Garden different from Main Street Garden?

Belo Garden and Main Street garden each have their own role and purpose which is outlined in the Downtown Parks Master Plan (Link to Plan here). Belo Garden was designed to be a garden in the truest sense of the word, with lush plants and trees that form a natural forest-like canopy amidst the steel, glass and concrete of Downtown Dallas. Main Street Garden, with its dog run, playground, stage, lawn and restaurant, was designed to be a center for activity and outdoor life, a backyard for Downtown residents.

Is Belo Garden a dog park?

While dogs are allowed in Belo Garden they must be on a leash and owners are asked to please clean up after their pets. If you’d like to take your dog to a dog run, visit Main Street Garden.

How many trees are planted in Belo Garden?

There are more than 100 trees planted in Belo Garden, a variety of native Texas trees from regions throughout the state, including Chinkapin Oak, Bigtooth, Autumn Blaze Maple, Green Ash, Kentucky Coffeetree and a sprinkling of Redbuds. For more information click here.

Who maintains the park?

The City of Dallas has contracted with Downtown Dallas Inc. to maintain the Garden, including cutting the grass and picking up trash. A capital improvement and repairs endowment is funded by a private contribution from Maureen and Robert Decherd.

Is this part of the Parks Master Plan?

Yes, it is the second park in the Downtown Parks Master Plan that has been completed. Belo Garden is a result of a partnership and joint funding effort of Belo Corp., The Belo Foundation and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Who paid for the park?

The City of Dallas acquired the land and completed the remediation with money dedicated to park development by the voter-approved 2006 City of Dallas bond package. Belo Garden design and construction was made possible by private contributions from Belo Corp., The Belo Foundation, Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the M. R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation. A capital improvement and repairs endowment to care for the park long-term is funded by a private contribution from Maureen and Robert Decherd.

This was a brownfield?

The city was awarded two grants to clean up the Belo Garden site, a former parking lot. One grant came from the North Central Texas Council of Governments and one from the Environmental Protection Agency. The remediation is important work that needed to be done for the health of our city. The land now meets the highest environmental standards and residential requirements.