Hargreaves Associates

Hargreaves Associates is an internationally recognized landscape architecture firm known particularly for its work designing urban parks. Hargreaves Associates led the design and construction observation of Belo Garden, and was supported by a team that includes a number of local designers and engineers. For more information on Hargreaves visit www.hargreaves.com. For a complete list of the Belo Garden Design Team,click here.


Belo Corp.

At the time its financial commitments to Belo Garden were made, Belo Corp. owned local television stations across the United States, including WFAA-TV, and three metropolitan newspapers, including The Dallas Morning News. To learn more about Belo Corp. and A.H. Belo Corporation today, go to www.belo.com andwww.ahbelo.com.


The Belo Foundation

The philanthropic arm of A. H. Belo Corporation and Belo Corp., The Belo Foundation helped fund the design and construction of the park. To learn more about The Belo Foundation, click here.


The Dallas Park and Recreation Department

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department funded the property purchase and remediation of the site.  As owner, the Park Department is responsible for maintenance of Belo Garden. For more information on the Park Department, click here.


Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. produces and supports Downtown activities like outdoor movies, sports leagues and festivals at several parks and plazas and manages rental and programming for Belo Garden.  For more information about Downtown Dallas, Inc., click here.


Austin Commercial

Serving as general contractor for the construction of Belo Garden was Austin Commercial. For more information on Austin Commercial, one of the largest and most diversified builders in the United States, click here.


Good Fulton & Farrell Architects

Providing architectural guidance on Belo Garden was Larry Good, president of one of Dallas’ most prestigious multi-disciplinary design firms, Good Fulton & Farrell Architects.

To learn more about the firm, visit www.gff.com.


Allyn Media

Dallas-based public relations company Allyn Media kept the public informed about the design and construction of Belo Garden. To learn more, visit www.allynmedia.com.