As a park that is of Texas and for Texas, Belo Garden is a model of sustainability. The use of native trees, plants and deep soils encourages long-term tree and plant health, and lower maintenance and watering needs. All of the water used by the fountain is collected and returned to a below-grade reservoir, where it is filtered, sterilized and reused. This water recycling makes the fountain water efficient, and the integrated design allows it to function equally well both off and on – creating a dramatic center of visual interest and calming blanket of white noise for the park when “turned on” and allowing the plaza to be used for small scale gatherings or events when “turned off.”  Stone paving used throughout the park was quarried in Central Texas, further reinforcing the park’s strong regional identity and sustainable practices.


Trees & Gardens

• 75% native trees

• 75% native grasses and gardens




Water Use

•100% of the fountain water collected and returned to a below-ground reservoir to be filtered, sterilized and reused

• Additional stormwater collection

• Discrete area of lawn

• 50% low water use planting



•100% of park paving is from Texas

•100% of the hardwood used in the benches and chairs is Forest Stewardship Council certified Ipe